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What is a Stretch Ceiling ?

Stretch Ceiling consists of two parts; a polymer film stretched within a firm frame previously installed at the perimeter of the room to be covered.

Stretch Ceiling is one of a kind product. Custom made to fit the room that is to be decorated, it is quickly installed and it comes in a number of various finishes: Gloss, Mat, Satin, Translucent Backlit Effect, even Printed. Moreover, the choice of more than 100 colors allows a sophisti-cated and outstanding decoration. Durable and long lasting, it's installation is dust free, it does not require any furniture moving and does not involve any drying time. The system allows the addition of all the usual accessories; spotlight, air vents, speakers, fire sprinkler, chandelier...

Stretch Ceiling is environment friendly, compared to the plasterboard panels, the low energy production costs and low transportation volumes impact the environment in a minimal way. During the installation, no paint is used, there is no waste and the product is 99.99% recyclable.


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